Indonesia Aviation Academy (API)

On June 1, 1952 Indonesia Aviation Academy (API) was founded in Gempol, Kemayoran Jakarta. In 1954, API moved to Curug-Tangerang.


Air Transportation Training Institute (LPPU)

API changed its name to Air Transportation Training Institute (LPPU) under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.


Aviation Education and Training (PLP)

LPPU changed its name to Aviation Education and Training (PLP) under the Transportation Education and Training Agency.


Indonesia Civil Aviation Institute (STPI)

Precisely on March 10, 2000, based on Presidential Decree Number 43 of 2010 PLP was changed to Indonesia Civil Aviation Institute.


Indonesia Aviation Polytechnic (PPI)

In 2019, STPI changed its name to the Indonesia Aviation Polytechnic (PPI).


“To become independent, nationally and internationally standardized Center of Excellence for aviation trainings”


“Conducting education, applied technology research, community service in the field of aviation to produce aviation personel who prioritize safety culture, competitiveness, indepedence and professionalis as well as having faith an piety.”


To develop Indonesian aviation personnel who are skillful, act according to the Five Images of Transportation Personnel, have a strong esprit de corps, virtuous, aware of the responsibility in developing aviation world, actualize the aviation safety as well as ready to assume position in government or aviation organizations.




Direktur PPI Curug


In accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 47 Year 2019 on Organization and Work Procedure of Indonesia Aviation Polytechnic, INDONESIA AVIATION POLYTECHNIC CURUG (referred to as PPI Curug) has a role to organize vocational higher education in aviation.

In carrying out its role, PPI Curug is responsible to the Head of the Transportation Human Resources Development Agency (HRDTA). The Head of HRDTA delegates to the Secretary of HRDTA for the guidance of technical and administrative aspects, while operational aspects are guided by the Head of Air Transportation Human Resources Development Center.

In carrying out the duties as intended above, PPI Curug carries out the following functions:

  1. preparing educational plans and programs;
  2. organizing vocational education in aviation;
  3. implementing research and community service;
  4. implementing internal inspection;
  5. implementing and developing quality assurance system;
  6. managing academic administration and cadet affairs;
  7. managing financial, general and cooperation affairs;
  8. developing program, data, and evaluation;
  9. implementing character building;
  10. managing supporting units and business development units;
  11. developing the competence of civitas academica and their relationship with environment; and
  12. conducting evaluation and reporting.

In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 47 Year 2019 concerning Organization and Work Procedure of the Indonesia Aviation Polytechnic (PPI Curug), the organizational structure consists of:

  1. Director and Deputy Director;
  2. Senate;
  3. Board of Trustees;
  4. Supervisory Board;
  5. Internal Audit Unit;
  6. Quality Assurance Unit;
  7. Academic and Administration Division;
  8. Finance and General Affairs Section;
  9. Study programs;
  10. Center for Research and Community Service;
  11. Character Building Center;
  12. Support Unit; and
  13. Functional Position Group.